Whiteboard animations

Draw a story you want to tell and encourage the viewers to join the adventure

What are whiteboard animations?

These are dedicated cartoons created by our entire team. Thanks to whiteboard animations, the drawings in films are created in front of the viewer, catching their attention and surprising them. Our films are different in terms of the number of animationed elements, their details, colour palette, as well as the transition between scenes.

Why are whiteboard films easily memorable?

A good script

developed in close cooperation with the client


that attract attention, are transparent and understandable, created together by artists and graphic designers

Professional narrator

leads the viewer through an easy-to-follow story

Skilled assembly

which creates an attractive whole piece of drawings, voiceover recordings and background music.

When should you use whiteboard animation?

Do you want to show the company’s vision, strategy, plans and priorities to your employees in an accessible way?

Would you like to present instructions, procedures and regulations in an attractive form, so that they are better understood by recipients?

Do you need to pass on new knowledge to your employees in a simple way or create a training video that they would be willing to refer to?

Are you looking for new ways to attract clients to ​​your company’s philosophy or to promote a new product?

Whiteboard animations will help you achieve the intended effect.