Whiteboard animations

It is our flagship product, aimed primarily at business

Our whiteboard animations accomplish specific tasks in various areas. Production, quality, health and safety, HR, marketing – most of our clients come from these functions.

What are whiteboard animations?

These are short cartoon films that “are made in front of the viewers.” They are also known as hand drawing movies. The original drawings are brought to life on the white board. They quickly attract the viewer’s attention and effectively maintain it until the end of the film.

Why is it worth using whiteboard animations in business?

Working with business, we noticed that there are still problems with the simple and unambiguous transfer of information or knowledge. Professionals and managers of production, quality, logistics, health and safety, etc., who have extensive knowledge in a given topic, are often unable to share it. They don’t know how to select and convey the most important content in a comprehensible way. The result is presentations saturated with content that is difficult to remember or put into practice. Training sessions and meetings are long, boring and ineffective. No wonder, because skills of transferring knowledge, preparing presentations or conducting trainings are the ones we learn over the years.

On the other hand, in the areas of marketing or HR, requiring creative thinking, promoting products or motivating certain behaviors, there is often a lack of ideas on how to attract the attention of employees or customers. And even if there is no shortage of ideas, there is not enough budget to implement them.

These are the problems that we – the creators of whiteboard animation – face. We have created our own, original method of creating short films “drawn in front of the viewer.” Videos that build a clear, vivid message. Videos that leave no doubt or freedom in interpretation. Videos that focus only on the most important content that managers or specialists have to convey. Our animations attract attention with their original style, keep it with skillful business storytelling and surprising 2D animation effects.

We perfectly understand that in business, animated training videos must be professional and far from infantile. That is why we always adjust the content and style of the animation to its recipients and to the rules of visual identification at our clients. As a result, the customer receives a film tailored to his needs, bearing much lower costs than in the production of traditional videos or 3D animations.

What makes animations created by our team different?

Business approach to the script

We devote a great deal of time to this stage. We always start by hearing and understanding our clients’ needs: what is the goal of the animation? to which target groups is it addressed? what are the most important content to convey? what action is it supposed to induce the recipient to?

After that, we learn what is to be in the animation. We read the materials provided by the client, we ask questions and analyze them. And then we create the scenario ourselves, based on the set goals. Our story tellers first draw with words. Their visual thinking allows them to engage both facts and emotions, which will later be drawn in the film.

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Original drawings

With us, there are no images from stock or from databases of graphic programs. All illustrations are original graphics and are created for the needs of the project. If the client wants to show a specific machine, specific work environment, specific challenges in his business in the animation, we draw it according to his wishes. Our cartoon actors never have stage fright and always “play” as we agree with our client.

Professional narrator and tailored soundtrack

We approach each stage of animation production with great attention to detail. We always choose narrator who will best reflect the atmosphere of the animation with their voice. If the client wants, he can choose the voice that suits him best from our database. We work only with experienced, proven professionals. We also adapt the soundtrack to the animation so that it is consistent with the convention and message of the entire video.

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Animation that puts in motion drawn illustrations

There are quite a lot of companies creating whiteboard animations, but only a few create classic whiteboards in which the drawing is beautifully, although digitally drawn in front of the viewer. Many creators only imitate drawing, discovering (rather than drawing) ready-made illustrations, often taken early from stocks. We create our own drawings and put them in motion ourselves. It is a precise and smooth movement, without the “jerking” effect or lack of coherence between the word and the image.

In what areas is whiteboard animation especially worth using?

Whiteboard animations are perfect where you need to convey something difficult or complicated in an easy, vivid way (explainer video, product animations, tutorial animations). They are also an attractive form of communication, using unconventional visual thinking in areas related to marketing, communication, Human Resources Management or CSR.

Below are some examples of how our animations can be used (click on the graphics).

Would you like to share knowledge with your employees in an accessible way or create a training video to which they will be happy to come back?

Do you want the company's policies, instructions, procedures to be understood and followed by employees?

Are you looking for new ways to promote your products and services?

Would you like to surprise your employees or partners with an interesting presentation of your plans or achievements?

Whiteboard animations will help you achieve the intended effect.

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