Every project is teamwork

Our team consists of specialists in various fields.

Task are assigned depending on expertise needed for your project.

Project Manager

This is a person with whom you have constant contact. She knows at what stage of implementation each whiteboard animation, every graphic, every ordered illustration is. She makes sure that you always receive your product on time and that each graphic design achieves all the assumed goals.


She writes scripts and creates storyboards for all animations. It all starts with her!

She is the one who must hear and understand your thoughts, and then include them in a storytelling lecture text containing facts and emotions, particulars and metaphors… And all in accordance with the principles of visual thinking.



a creator who looks for and provides best possible solutions.

He supports the storyteller and cartoonist in generating unconventional ideas for the visualization of various ideas of our clients. His input is invaluable in animations for startups and technology companies.

2D artist

cartoonist creating illustrations depicting the text of the film narrative.

It is her talent that gives the word its visual form. She creates original drawings for each animation, for each infographic, for each graphic design. It is her artistic sensitivity that can be seen in front of the viewers in our whiteboard animations and delights in Digital Art illustrations.

Graphic designer

a ‘magician’ of editing and animation who puts characters in motion.

She acts a bit like an “enchanted pencil” which makes the static drawings move, and the film frames dynamically visualize the created story. She brings together the word, image, voice-over and soundtrack of each animation.

Social Media Ninja - SoMe campaign leader

supporting the implementation of marketing animations.

She helps the storyteller to choose words for the voice-over that will achieve SEO goals. She supports the 2D artist by following graphic trends on the web. She also advises clients on how to publish whiteboard animations and graphics on social media so that they achieve marketing strategy indicators.

We share the same values and different talents.

We love to simplify difficult things and present them in a vivid way.

While listening to music, often helped by a cup of coffee, we are inspired together to think creatively and to explain what is “unexplainable.”

We are distinguished by experience in creating animation for both large international corporations and companies from the SME sector. We are reliable business partners for some and others. For one and the other, we help discover how animations and customised drawings can support their business.