Our team

We strive to inspire people to do things which inspire them

Our team consists of specialists in various fields. Task are assigned depending on expertise needed for your project.

Project Manager

your main contact who manages the entire project, and maintains constant communication.


a master of the written word who builds a narrative.


an inspirer; a creator who looks for and provides best possible solutions.


an artist; a creator who draws illustrations depicting the narrative.


a master of the spoken word who makes the storyteller’s written text ‘alive’.

Graphic designer

– a ‘magician’ of editing and animation who puts characters in motion.

Our team has a passion for simplifying difficult concepts

Imagination and creative ideas, often helped by a cup of coffee and good background music, are key to original designs during our brainstorming sessions.

What does distinguishes us from others?

We are experienced in working with both large corporations and small family businesses as a reliable business partner who helps them discover new opportunities.