Since 2015, we have been creating Whiteboard Animations for every industry and every business area. Our animations are applicable in:

  • business
  • public sector
  • education
  • NGOs

We make training and instructional videos as well as marketing and social animations. If you want to talk about your need to explain something visually to employees, customers or business partners – please contact us.

With the help of drawings and 2D animated animations (so called explainer videos):

  • WE EXPLAIN what is difficult to explain: processes, procedures, values, principles.
  • We support internal TRAINING in companies as well as e-learning processes.
  • WE SUPPORT PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS of our clients by creating infographics and films that are “drawn in front of the viewer”, which perfectly illustrate the unique values of products and services.
  • In a 3-minute film, we capture even 30 years of the company’s operation (JUBILEE FILMS) and the achievements of the teams (SUMMARY FILMS).
  • In each animation, even several seconds long, we include FACTS and EMOTIONS, words and pictures.

We always surprise with the simplicity and metaphorical nature of the form, because images and films are powerful communication tools today.

We have known about it for a long time, which is why our whiteboard animations, drawings and infographics have been helping to achieve the goals of modern companies and organizations for years.

Give us a creative challenge and we…

What can we do for you?

Whiteboard animations
Graphic design projects
Customized drawings

Whiteboard animation

Films showing stories drawn in front of the viewer (the so-called ‘movies with a drawing hand’). Simple, catchy and memorable illustrations animated on a white background, depicting difficult concepts.


Visualisation of complicated data or extensive content in a clear, pictorial form. Illustrations, graphs and diagrams help to capture and memorise key information.

Graphic design projects

Services helping you create a coherent visual identity of your company. Logos, business cards, files and brochures, as well as posters, banners and roll-ups, which, thanks to the modern design, help you stand out from the competition.

Customized drawings

Non-standard drawings in any size – perfectly personalised gifts for different occasions, such as  birthdays or weddings. Portraits, caricatures, sketches and souvenirs, invitations, and greetings cards; all as one of a kind.