Let us draw your thoughts

Complex ideas explained in a simple visual way

We tap into a well-known technique since ancient times – drawing.

Our graphics are simple and metaphorical at the same time. They visualise the client’s concept with which they not only identify but one they are eager to share with the world.

PreFactum services

Our expertise

Whiteboard animations
Graphic design projects
Customized drawings

Whiteboard animation

Films showing stories drawn in front of the viewer (the so-called ‘movies with a drawing hand’). Simple, catchy and memorable illustrations animated on a white background, depicting difficult concepts.


Visualisation of complicated data or extensive content in a clear, pictorial form. Illustrations, graphs and diagrams help to capture and memorise key information.

Graphic design projects

Services helping you create a coherent visual identity of your company. Logos, business cards, files and brochures, as well as posters, banners and roll-ups, which, thanks to the modern design, help you stand out from the competition.

Customized drawings

Non-standard drawings in any size – perfectly personalised gifts for different occasions, such as  birthdays or weddings. Portraits, caricatures, sketches and souvenirs, invitations, and greetings cards; all as one of a kind.

How we will work with YOU?

Five principles of our active support approach to clients

Every client is treated in a unique way

Together with the client, we create an attractive story line that can be shown to and shared with others.

YOUR expectations are of utmost importance to us

We always adapt to individual expectations of our clients.

We are flexible

If YOU need work to be done fast, we will work to your deadlines.

We respect different points of view

Our goal is to solve illustrate YOUR message, not to force our ideas on you.

You can always rely on us

We undertake feasible tasks and keep our promises.