Time-lapse Video

Attract the viewers’ attention to interesting effects in the dynamically presented story

Time-lapse video

The time-lapse film, also called ‘stop motion’, is a classical technique of animation which gives you a wide range of creative possibilities.

These videos use an accelerated film frame/photo to convey the story to the viewer in a dynamic and interesting way.

This method often uses hand-made props, which, with the use of simple special effects, change into a funny movement that catches the viewer’s attention.

When is it worth using a time-lapse video?

Do you want to distinguish yourself by using unconventional solutions in communication, presentations and meetings?

Are you looking for an attractive way of sharing a new idea, presenting a strategy or a goal to your employees, or illustrate how to achieve a target result?

Would you like to visualize the effects of previously performed activities or prepare a non-standard  business report?

Time-lapse video will help you achieve the desired effect.